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A Short History

Short History of Evington Park Bowling Club

In 1953 it was the wish of the Leicester City Parks Committee that a bowling club be formed at Evington Park to take advantage of the six rink bowling green which would be open for public play at the start of the 1953 season.  On Monday 23rd February 1953 a general meeting was held in the village hall to present draft rules and to contact interested parties. The cost of joining in 1953 was made up of a season ticket at thirty shillings and a club subscription of twelve shillings and six pence. The Club was affiliated to the LBA and the LCPBA. The green was open for play on Saturday 18th April 1953 and the official opening was at 6.30 p.m. on Thursday April 23rd 1953. The Club was able to use Evington House as its headquarters until the clubhouse was built. The first President of the Club was Mr. H. Ellson whose family home was near Abbey Park and whose father, C.H. Ellson, was a member of Abbey Park Bowling Club. In 1956 the Club expanded by forming a separate Ladies Bowling Club. Over the years since its formation the club has provided Presidents for the LCPBA, some of its members have obtained county badges and various LC&DPBA competitions have been won. At the end of 2016  a new constitution was agreed by the membership and it was decided to unify the clubs with the majority of matches played as mixed fixtures and some fixtures with ladies clubs remaining as ladies fixtures.